Last Updated 11/5/2019


      Monthly Events

1st Sunday
Communion                        During 11 a.m. Service

2nd Saturday
         South Coast Post-Acute
Convalescent Home                              2:30 p.m.
   Trustees in charge
3rd Saturday
Women’s Ministry                                     2 p.m.
Friday Before 4th Sunday
Youth/Young Adults Game Night                  7 p.m.

Saturday Before 1st Sunday
Leadership Training/
Monthly Prayer Meeting                               Noon
    All leaders are expected to attend

Special Events for November

Sun. 11/3  Graceland Church Anniv.            3 p.m.

Wed. 11/27  Joint Thanksgiving Eve Service
                    at New Spirit                         7  p.m.

Special Events for December

Join the challenge to read through the
New Testament by December 1

Sun. 12/8  Christmas Extravaganza with Friends
                                                        3 p.m.


Pastor Clark is asking for a volunteer to drive the church van to pick up members and others to attend church.



Weekly Schedule

Sunday  Prayer Ministry                                             9 a.m.

             Sunday School/New Members’ Class             9:30 a.m.

             Worship Service                                          11 a.m.

             Children’s Church/Nursery                At Preaching Time

             Youth Choir Rehearsal                After Morning Service

Wednesday  Prayer Meeting/Bible Study         Noon and 7 p.m.

Friday   Adult Choir Rehearsal                                      7 p.m.


Pastor Clark has asked members to fast for one meal and pray for an hour each week for New Spirit Baptist Church.